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The dated quality control system contains strict check of every link from original material to end items and the good product quality of 608 bearing, the good bearings. We are full of confidence, dreams and passion in the new development time. Based on the rich industry groundwork, aiming to serve for universal producing, Make every effort to become excellent providers of the bearings and wing the dreams for the development of our company.


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Our product quality has been recognized by the market, and our products are sold to global markets including Europe and Asia, providing customized product service for many enterprises, which has become the star enterprise in the bearings field. Being professional, dedicated and perfect Maxea! To follow perfect “industry artificer” spirit, each of our designs is considered diligently, and each of our technology is carved for many times. 

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No.308, Huanzhenxi Road, Kuangyan Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, China
Cixi, 315300


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